Classes of the 1940s'


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40 Stanley   Botello     [email protected]
40 Evelyn   Brandenburg Savage  

Evelyn says:  If anyone knows anything about Geneva Crow,
 I would really like  to hear from her. Evelyn Savage...........

40 Lyle Gene   Conklin   [email protected]
40 Ruth Jeanne   Bursk King [email protected]
40 Edward   Butz    
40 Tom   Cahraman   [email protected]
40 Francis Roy   Everett   [email protected]
40 John   Grago    
40 Dick   Laferty    
40 Violet   Lewis Smith [email protected]
40 Keith    Marek   [email protected]
40 Harry   Nelson   [email protected]
40 Gene   Robideaux    
40 Frank   Spisak   [email protected]
40 June   Toney Wolff [email protected]
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1940
40 Bob   Barger


40 Thomas   C. Burger March 4th 2018


40 Chester   Root

April 12, 1940

40 William   Hills

Jan 1st, 2015



41 Louise   Bowes  Killian [email protected]
41 Paula   Bouger  Hill  
41 Zona   Brockus  Dvorak [email protected]
41 Robert   Chamberlin   [email protected]
41 Elizabeth (Beth)   Chamberlin Schardt [email protected]
41 Fred   Eneim  

[email protected]

41 Yvonne   Lindeman Aberle  
41 Joe   Mathias  


41 Loise   Preston LaBorde [email protected]
Would love to hear from any classmates from the 40s.
Waiting to here from an old buddy
41 Zoe   Reardon Kaucher  
41 Elwood   Renshaw   [email protected]
41 James(Merle)   Rhea Attened '38 thru
 '40. Would have
 graduated in '41
[email protected]

Please read Jim's note in "Stories"

I know there are some guys and gals out there who graduated in 1941. 
As a Junior in 1940, a would be grad in '41, I would like to hear from you. 
Let's not sit around and whine or complain about our aches and pains, 
or lost loves, let's reactivate classes '40 and '41. Let me hear 
from you guys!  Thanks, Jim Rhea
41 H. Sumner   Shumway    
41 Jane   Williams Campbell  
41 George Vincent   Willliams  

[email protected]

41 Fred (Tex)   Winter  

[email protected]

Link to more information about Tex Winter


41 Jim   Adams   Memorial Service site
or Call (562) 699-0921
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1941
41 Shirley     Frances Foulger Burrow December 29, 2007
41 Bill   Henrietta   January 16, 2005
41 Henry   Vanderhook   June 17, 2009


42 Art   Adams   [email protected]
42 CaroLynn   Boand Mattison

[email protected]

42 George   Dell   [email protected]
42 Dean 


Dunphy   [email protected]
42 Jean   Hoeffel Ingels [email protected]
42 Dick   Ingels  

[email protected]

42 Clair   Mundia Santilli  
42 Bob   Thalimer  

[email protected]

San Diego honors Dean Dunphy:
42 Howard


Kaessner   [email protected]
42 Robert   Land   [email protected]
42 Ted   Limes   [email protected]
42 Susan   Marty DeMoulon [email protected]
42 Margret   Moseley Lindroth  
42 Beatrice


42 Jim   Shoffstall    
42 Lauretta   Sorensen VanGorden [email protected]
42 William   Woods   [email protected]
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1942
42 Virginia   Anderson Seymour 1996
42 Stephen   Barker, Jr   2004
42 Ann   Burditt Gere Feb. 2012
42 Dean  Paul    McNichols   Feb. 02, 2006
42 Omar   Orr   May 20, 2010
42 Neil W. Pallady   2009
42 Kenneth R. Peterson   2003
42 Morgan   Thomas   Late 1950's


43 H. Elaine    Andersen Lockett  [email protected]
43 Veryl   Anderson   [email protected]
43 Emilia   Coates    
43 Clara    Cole Strickland [email protected]
43 Lucille   Edwards  Taylor [email protected]
43 Floyd   Freeman  

[email protected]

43 Carl   Geisler   [email protected]
43 Norbert   Goodman   [email protected]
43 Boyd J.   Hachten    
43 Bill   Heimerdinger   [email protected]
43 Doris   Huckins Milliken [email protected]
43 Jo   Knight   [email protected]
43 Robert   Land  

[email protected]

43 Robert  T. Limpus    
43 Virginia     Loftis Robinson  [email protected]
43 Jean   Mancino

  ** (Class Rep)**  

j[email protected]
43 Melvin   Manning   [email protected]
43 Wanda   Norman Eneim

[email protected]

43 Rosa   Roller Lee [email protected]
43 Hijinio   Romo   [email protected]
43 Jim   Spotts   [email protected]
43 Phyllis   Stonum Hachten  
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1943
43 Katie   Lesko Miller
March 26, 2008
Obituary Link
43 Daniel "Mike"   Lindeman   Dec. 23rd. 2012


44 Bill   Bagnall    
44 Leslie R. Cooke   [email protected]


Doris L. Huckins Milliken [email protected]
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1944
  Joe    Pierce Jr  

Feb. 10, 2007



45 Richard   Black   [email protected]
Where are all the great kids from the class of 45?
45 Florence   Case Underwood [email protected]
45 Patricia   Finch Everett [email protected]
45 Richard   Griggs   [email protected]
45 Dick   Heimerdinger- (Allen)  

[email protected]

45 Rosemary Henderson Havill [email protected]
45 Eldon   Howe   [email protected]
45 Larry   Lindsey    
45 Jim   MacLeod   [email protected]
45 Willard D. Olsen   ** (Class Rep)**  [email protected]
45 Janet   Paine Reed [email protected]
45 Frances   Riddell Goff [email protected]
Hi! If anyone remembers me I would love to hear from you and reminisce!
45 Rosemary   Ross   [email protected]
45 Joe   Schiffiler    
45 Phil   Stevens   [email protected]
45 Freddie   Thorwaldson

  ** (Class Rep)** 

[email protected]
45 Robert   Tobey   [email protected]
45 Yvonne   Tonnesen    
45 Richard   Swanson  

[email protected]

Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1945
45 Larry   Tritz Larry Passed away June 14th 2007
45 Dr. John Irwin   Trotter Passed away on December 12th 2012


46 Frances


Baptista Curtis [email protected]
46 Fornadia (Tona)   Dunwoody  Hicks [email protected]
46 Ed   Flasher   [email protected]
46 Kathleen   Hanna Varenas  
46 Nancy   Haynes Hunt [email protected]
46 Maxine   Hood Luck
  ** (Class Rep)**  
[email protected]
46 Donald   Jarman  

[email protected]

46 Earl   King   [email protected]
46 Bettye   Mount McCaffrey [email protected]
46 Carl Osborne   Stephens  

[email protected]

46 Flavia   Register Weedn
46 John   Schooley   [email protected]
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1946
46 Marain L. Schwarz Hecker Nov. 29th 2013
46 Howard   McAloney   May 7th, 2011


47 Dick   Barger    
47 Joy   Bartels La Roux [email protected]
47 Claralee   Guithues Griffin  
47 Arlene   Horan   [email protected]
47 Betty    Jeppesen Hoeve [email protected]
47 Shirley   Johnson Wozniak

[email protected]

47 Rosemarie “Schatzi”   Koehn 

  ** (Class Rep)**  

47 Jean   Loch Quigley [email protected]
47 Ed   Northcote  

[email protected]

47 Arlene   Pinger Horan [email protected]
47 Mary   Pugh Schiffiler

[email protected]
Let's see Class of '47 better represented.

47 Van   Ray  

[email protected]

47 Louis  


  [email protected]
47 Jack   Vollmer  

[email protected]

47 Fred   Zimmerman  

[email protected]

Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1947
47 Bernadine   Moon Reimer Oct. 7, 2007
47 Ruth   Tobey Sanders April. 15, 2008, Norco, CA


48 Betty   Botello Hanley [email protected]
48 Bob   Dellsite aka John Robert [email protected]
48 Joan   Dellsite Smith [email protected]
48 Bob   Derda  

[email protected]

48 Clayton   Durbin  

[email protected]

48 Larry   Grannis   [email protected]
48 Joanne   Grimes  Burcham
 ** (Class Rep)** 
[email protected]
48 Gary   Hainey   [email protected]
48 John   Hansen M.D.   [email protected]
48 Marilyn   Hunt Crosby [email protected]
48 Mary Jo   Keaty Hesketh  
48 Betty   Leis Chewning  
48 Delbert "Del"   Lane   [email protected]
48 Lawrence G. Lindsey   [email protected]
48 Eva   Lopez Valdez

[email protected]

48 Patricia   MacDonough Cooke [email protected]
48 Pat   Mitchell Grago [email protected]
48 Ed   Northcote  

[email protected]

48 Pat   Preis Blakeley/Cluck

[email protected]

48 Ruth   Prentice Green [email protected]
48 Ron   Roach   [email protected]
48 Barbara   Roberts von Minden

[email protected]

48 Marjorie   Stratton Stotenburg [email protected]
48 Patricia   Tuft Cottrell

[email protected]

48 Wayne   Welch   [email protected]
48 Edward A. West    
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1948
48 Bo Dee   Foster   2011
48 Balty   Gaspora    
48 Joy   Sterba    
48 Jo Ann   Winters Dixson Mar. 13, 2005


49 Joyce   Anderson Tutwiler Phone: 951-247-2780
49 Don   Avila   [email protected]
49 Betty   Barnett Lane [email protected]
49 Frances   Buchanan Puckett

[email protected]

49 Nell   Buckman Heard [email protected]
49 Robert   Gasio   [email protected]
49 Betty   Giebelhouse Miller [email protected]
49 Donald   Guithues  

[email protected]

49 Jess   Johnson    ** (Class Rep)**    
49 Bernard (Bernie)   Kruse  

[email protected]

  Lewis   [email protected]
49 Augie   Lopez  

[email protected]

49 Georgia   Miller Collins-Peet  
49 Richard   Minegar   [email protected]
49 Welwyn   Morgester  

[email protected]

49 Peggy   Murphy


[email protected]

49 Donald   Naranjo  

[email protected]

49 Richard   Paine  

[email protected]

49 William   Patrick  

[email protected]

49 Lorraine   Plum Bradley [email protected]
49 Lois   Schultz Robinson

[email protected]

49 Halbert   Slagle  

[email protected]

49 Dr. Gerald   Turbow  

[email protected]


Friends and people who attended HPHS and would have graduated in 1949

49 Don   Avila   [email protected]
Memorial section of the classes of winter and summer 1949
49 Eulah May   Butler Nikko March 16th 2009
North Bend WA
Info Link
49 Benjamin   Corella   January 29, 2010
49 Ben   Mathews    
49 Hollis   B. Pincock Oct. 2016
49 Bernadine   Preis   June 1991
49 Alexander   Shannon   April 16th, 2009

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