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Hello alumni. We are happy to report that the
Mr. Leyson Memorial
dedication date has been set
for Friday, October 2, from 5 pm to 6 pm on campus near the fountain at the front of the school. We are looking forward to this memorial ceremony, and hope that you can attend. Following the dedication,
at 7 pm, a football game will take place at the school. Feel free to stay and root on the Spartans!

 At the next alumni meeting we are seeking out another park site in case the situation at Cerritos can't be remedied. If anyone has a park in mind--accommodating 150 to 200 people minimum--

Irene Berrones Settle S'76
HPHSAA President

One of our beloved teachers passes away
Leon Leyson,
the youngest survivor  on Schindler's list

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 for LA Times article



Our next Meeting:
Saturday Nov. 7th 2015
PLACE: Huntington Park High School
Meeting in the HPHS Hospitality House
on campus
Start Time 10:00 AM

Any questions:
Irene Berrones Settle S'76:

View the photos of the 2015
All Alumni Picnic

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Scheduled Class Reunions ...
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Current Class Reunions Scheduled:

Class of '70 and all grads from HPHS
regardless of year of graduation

Class of '85


The 16th Annual All Classes &
 Friends Picnic  Sat. July 30, 2016

Location and TBD


Pictures from the recent luncheon
held March 14th 2015
at Citrus Cafe in Tustin CA

Picture Link #1
Picture Link #2

In recognition of the HPHS Graduates who have
served in the Armed Forces of the
United States of America


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Recent Photos of HPHS taken by
Peter Aispuro Class of '81

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