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Joan Ramsey, one of our beloved staff who so dedicated
to all the students at HPHS has passed away.

There will be memorial services in Whittier April 23rd.
Please see LINK for place and time.

We regert to inform all of you that our
1st HPHS Alumni President Glen Powers (Class of '54)

 has passed away.

Glen passsed away May 6th 2016 at the age of 80.

There will be a memorial service:
Please see LINK for the information.

Our next Meeting is:
June 4th, 2016
Huntington Park High School

Meeting in the HPHS Hospitality House on campus
Start Time 10:00 AM

Any questions:
Email: Irene Berrones Settele C'76:


The 16th Annual All Classes &
 Friends Picnic  Sat. July 30, 2016

Location El Dorado Park West
Long Beach CA
Willow Grove Picnic Area
Corner of Willow & Studebaker Rd.
(Near the El Dorado Golf & Country Club)
Free parking & NO entrance fee

Details & Map


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Our former Oldest HPHS Graduate!
Elizabeth Betty Diedrich Knesel
Class of 1932.
Betty passed away in Feburary 2016
Link to Betty's
Announcement Page

We will no longer be sending be sending out the newsletter
via the US mail through the postoffice.

However if someone has a special request for us to MAIL
a newsletter please let us know and please give us the
persons name and address of where and to whom we should
send the newsletter. Please send requests to:

Irene Berrones Settele S'76

Huntington Park Alumni Association
P.O. Box 3356
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Below is the link to the latest
Spartagram Newsletter:
Our New Facebook Page
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The HPHS Band (80 strong) needs our help!
attached is a copy of a letter sent to us
from the school. Please read the letter
and help the band! The file is in PDF format

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All Alumni Picnic

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In recognition of the HPHS Graduates who have
served in the Armed Forces of the
United States of America


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